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New Site!

So, are you LOVING the new website?!?! We welcome your feedback!!! Heather may have cried happy tears as she reviewed the final product. Maybe. As you’ve read, Heather is in charge of updating our website (yep, it’s me writing this!!) What you may now know is Heather is most certainly NOT a web designer, she doesn’t speak HTML code & she can’t create something radically new so that means she had to enlist some help to create this website… actually a LOT of help!!! That is where Kate Buszka comes in. Heather & Kate have never met in person but were “introduced online” by her friend Micah Smith, the talented chick who makes our monthly newsletter beautiful (small world fun fact: Heather went to elementary/ middle school in Michigan with Kate’s sister-in- law, who also now resides in middle TN).