Look Out Texas!

Kenadee recently visited several customers in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area of Texas, including Land O’Lakes, Purina Feed. She had a lot of fun experiencing Texas for the first time and can’t wait to see more of the Lonestar state!

Where it all begins

Kenadee got to see how the process begins at the thread manufacturer! Quite a cool thing to see!

And the first stop is….

1st stop…. Statesville, NC to visit Land O’Lakes Purina Feed!

Kenadee’s New Blog!!

While we all work from the comfort of our homes, our newest sales chick Kenadee will be out meeting some of our long-time customers and searching for new ones to add to the TSS family! We’re sure she’ll have a few stories to share and definitely lots of pictures. We wanted you to be able to follow along on her journey & hope you enjoy it! Let us know if there’s somewhere (or someone!) you think Kenadee should visit. We can’t make any promises but you never know where she will show up….